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Compass: Oregon Conservation Strategy Reporting Tool

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The Compass Oregon Conservation Strategy reporting tool provides an initial overview of Strategy components within a user generated area of interest. This tool is intended to be used in an early planning phase of a project, or preliminary investigation into a given area. Some data used to generate this report has been summarized into a larger area, and as such may not reflect exact occurrences of these components within the provided area. The results of this tool are not intended to be used in a legal, formal, or binding way; and do not replace or supersede site-specific consolation with appropriate agencies, including the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. If specific locations are needed, users are encouraged to follow up with local ODFW biologists, contact specific data providers, and/or communicate with local land management authorities for additional detail and information.

How to Use the Reporting Tool

  1. Open up the ODFW Compass mapping application, and click on the “TOOLS” tab.
  2. Click on “+ NEW” button.
  3. Click on “Draw Shape” and follow the instructions to outline your area of interest. After completing the drawing, click “NEXT”.
  4. Provide a name to identify your project, a description (optional), and click “SAVE”.
  5. After the report generation is completed, you can now view the results. Click within your area of interest to open up the Compass identify window. Click the arrow to view a list of the Strategy components documented in your project area (see data description, and details on how the data has been summarized below).
  6. At the top of the identify window (may need to scroll up), click “Export Data” to save a comma delimited text file format, viewable in Microsoft Excel, of your report.

Export Report Contents

Name: The user provided name for the project area.

Area (sq. Miles): Data has been compiled using 1 square-mile hexagon units, spanning across all of Oregon. These hexagon units are the same base data as those used within the ODFW crucial habitat layers. The user defined project area selects intersected hexagons. This field provides the total number of select hexagons, which coencides with the total area (in sq. Miles) that is being reported on.

Ecoregions: Oregon Conservation Strategy Ecoregions included in the area of interest.

Conservation Opportunity Areas: Oregon Conservation Strategy Conservation Opportunity Areas (COAs) included in the area of interest. Access COA profiles to see additional details on recommended conservation actions, local conservation actions and plans, potential partners, and information on the local Strategy Species and Habitats.

Strategy Habitats: Oregon Conservation Strategy Habitats whose distribution was modeled, or documented, within the area of interest during the 2016 Strategy Habitat mapping update. See the Strategy Habitat Mapping Methodology for details on how each Strategy Habitat was mapped.

Documented Fish: Documented fish species within the area of interest, provided from the ODFW crucial habitat assessment Aquatic Species of Concern layer. Note that not all fish Strategy Species are included in this dataset, and additional detail on species may be available through contacting ODFW.

Observed Wildlife: Wildlife species observations within the area of interest, using data compiled within the ODFW crucial habitat assessment Terrestrial Species of Concern layer. All observations have been summarized to at least the 1 square-mile hexagon units. Some observations are further summarized to 12 digit HUC watersheds, to protect locations of high priority or sensitive species.

Modeled Wildlife Habitat: Wildlife species distribution models (developed and maintained by the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center occurring within the area of interest. Note that these models indicate potential “good” or “fair” habitat for these species, and do not necessarily mean that the species occurs within the area of interest.


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