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Commercial and recreational marine fisheries

Ocean Energy

Project overview

ODFW’s Ocean Energy Project works proactively with developers and regulatory agencies to minimize impacts on fish and wildlife resources from marine renewable energy (MRE) development. Before the regulatory process begins, ODFW will work collaboratively with developers to identify potential conflicts and provide recommendations designed to avoid impacts on resources under the agency’s management jurisdiction. Developers are strongly encouraged to contact ODFW to gauge potential concerns well before initiating the regulatory process. ODFW can assist developers in siting, advise on the development of baseline studies and planning for long-term monitoring, and establish early collaboration leading toward ongoing adaptive management.

ODFW does not issue permits or authorizations for MRE projects, including wave and offshore wind energy proposals for demonstration or commercial development. However, ODFW has an advisory role in the regulatory process. Once the regulatory process begins, ODFW will provide comments and recommendations as required or requested to state and federal entities issuing authorizations, including:

  • Oregon Department of State Lands:  Proprietary Authorization and Removal-Fill Permit
  • Oregon Department of Lands Conservation and Development: Federal Consistency Review
  • Oregon Parks and Recreation Department: Ocean Shores Permit
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: Water Quality Certification
  • US Army Corps of Engineers: Permit
  • US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Hydrokinetic License
  • US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management: Lease/Easement                    
  • US Department of Energy: Decision to Fund 

ODFW works collaboratively with federal partners, including the National Marine Fisheries Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and also draws from extensive expertise housed in multiple projects and programs throughout the agency, to provide recommendations to developers, regulatory agencies, or other interested stakeholders with regards to species and habitat under ODFW’s jurisdiction.  Examples of resources under the agency’s management jurisdiction for which recommendations may be provided include:

Fish and wildlife species

  • Oregon-listed Sensitive, Threatened, or Endangered
  • Avian species
  • Marine mammals
  • Fish
  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles

Fish and wildlife habitat

  • Kelp beds
  • Seafloor habitat
  • Open water
  • Shoreline
  • Estuarine
  • Terrestrial
  • Freshwater

Species important to fisheries

  • Salmonids
  • Groundfish
  • Halibut
  • Sturgeon
  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Shellfish

ODFW works with the fishing industry to understand potential conflicts between ocean user groups and communicate, as appropriate, the status of proposed MRE development to established fishing industry groups. In advance of siting projects and submitting permit applications, developers are encouraged to work with fishing industry groups including but not limited to:

  • FACT: Fisherman’s Advisory Committee for Tillamook
  • FINE: Fishermen Involved in Natural Energy
  • SOORC: Southern Oregon Ocean Resource Coalition

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