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Fish Division Staff


4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, OR 97302
Main ODFW phone 503-947-6000
Fish Division phone 503-947-6200
Fish Division fax 503-947-6202 or 6203

Name/Division Title Email Address Extension
Bowles, Ed Fish Division Administrator 503-947-6206
Seabourne, John Operations Manager 503-947-6207
McKenzie, Amanda Program Analyst 1 503-947-6226
Byram, Rosemalyne Engineering Office Specialist 503-947-6222
Thomson, Lance Rules Coordinator 503-947-6233
Farrell, Debbi R&E & STEP Program Administrative Assistant 503-947-6211
Volpa, Kristeen Water Quality/Quantity Office Specialist 503-947-6235
Vacant Office Specialist 2 Vacant 503-947-6230
Hurtado, Nadine Commercial Fish Information Specialist 503-947-6247
Costello, Pam Commercial Fish Information Office Specialist 503-947-6246
Sevall, Melissa Commercial Fish Information Office Specialist 503-947-6245
McIntosh, Bruce Assistant Fish Division Administrator 503-947-6208
Hartlerode, Ray Facilities and Engineering Program Manager 503-947-6215
Fish Screening and Passage
Ritchey, Alan Fish Screens & Fish Passage  Program Manager 503-947-6229
Kingsley, Lisa Administrative Specialist 2 503-947-6224
Hendrickson, Ron Fiscal Analyst 503-947-6251
Watts, Joel Fish Passage Engineer 503-947-6225
Baki, Pete Fish Screening Coordinator 503-947-6217
Lambert, Michael Lead Project Manager 503-947-6220
Solis, Lance Engineering Technician 2 503-947-6174
Castillo, Jean Fish Screens & Passage Engineer 503-947-6221
Apke, Greg Fish Passage Coordinator 503-947-6228
Loffink, Ken Asst. Fish Passage Coordinator 503-947-6256
Hoge, Tabatha Office Specialist 2 503-947-6234
Tofte, Karen Realty Specialist 503-947-6260
Duncan, Dick Realty Specialist 503-947-6240
McCormick, Ryan Chief Engineer (acting) 503-947-6227
Vacant Engineering Technician 2 Vacant  
Cook, Dan Project Engineer 503-947-6238
Frampton, Jerry Construction Project Manager 503-947-6242
Wright, Fred Project Engineer 503-947-6239
Baker, Perry Project Engineer 503-947-6241
Corrarino, Charlie Conservation & Recovery Program Manager 503-947-6213
Stahl, Tom Assistant Conservation & Recovery Program Manager 503-947-6219
Goodson, Kevin Conservation Planning Coordinator 503-947-6250
Nesbit, Shivonne ESA Coordinator 503-947-6253
Vacant ESA Program Specialist Vacant 503-947-6254
Falcy, Matt Fish Conservation Biologist 503-947-6205
Gilbert, Erin Monitoring Assistant/Corvallis 541-757-4263 x444
Firman, Julie Oregon Plan Analyst 541-757-4263 x249
Gunckel, Stephanie Assistant Conservation Planning Coordinator 541-757-4263 x237
Jepsen, Dave Recovery Planning Specialist/Corvallis 541-757-4263 x235
Rodgers, Jeff Oregon Plan Monitoring Coordinator - Job share 541-757-4263 x231
Jacobs, Steve Oregon Plan Monitoring Coordinator - Job share 541-757-5145
Weaver, Michele ESA Program Specialist 503-947-6254
Aquatic Inventories
28655 Hwy 34, Corvallis, OR 97333 541-757-4263, FAX 541-757-4102
Anlauf-Dunn, Kara Assistant Project Leader/Oregon Plan Habitat Surveys 541-757-5128
Cornwell, Trevan Project Biologist/Oregon Coast Estuaries 541-757-5125
Vacant Project Biologist/Habitat Restoration Monitoring  Vacant  
Jones, Kim Aquatic Inventories Project Leader 541-757-5129
Kavanagh, Peggy Project Biologist/Basin Surveys 541-757-5124
Strickland, Matt Project Assistant/Oregon Plan 541-757-5140
Stein, Charlie Assistant Project Leader/Basin & Oregon Plan Habitat Surveys 541-757-5127
Stein, Staci Project Biologist/GIS 541-757-5141
Tippery, Sharon Project Assistant/AQI 541-757-4263
Native Fish Investigations
Clements, Shaun Native Fish Investigations Project Leader 541-223-8437
Meeuwig, Mike Native Trout Research 541-223-1576
Starcevich, Steve Native Trout Research 541-231-1806
Barry, Patrick Clackamas Bull Trout Reintroduction 541-936-8573
Vacant Native Trout Research Project Biologist Vacant 541-231-1805
Scheerer, Paul High Desert Fish Research 541-231-5772
Bangs, Brian Oregon Chub Research 541-757-5142
Ramirez, Benji Blitzen Redband Trout Life History Research 541-207-4626
Gauvin, Mike

Recreational Fisheries Program Manager 947-6214
McCormick, Joshua Biometrician 503-947-6252
Herkamp, Kevin STEP Coordinator 503-947-6232
Thompson, Josie R&E Coordinator (Job Rotation) 503-947-6259
Patterson, Scott Fish Propagation Program Manager 503-947-6218
Thorpe, John Head Propagation Biologist 503-947-6212
Beals, Shari Hatchery Data Specialist 503-947-6243
Chilton, Guy Hatchery Operations Biologist 503-947-6249
Latif, Muhammad Fish Propagation Staff Biologist 503-947-6248
Engelking, Mark CWT Data Coordinator 503-947-6257
Varney, Micki Hatchery Assessment Biologist 503-947-6237
Fish Health Services
Nash Hall Rm 220, Dept. of Microbiology, OSU, Corvallis, OR 97331-3804 541-737-1855 FAX 541-737-0496
Vacant Senior Fish Health Specialist Vacant  
Banner, Craig Fish Health Specialist 541-737-1857
Kaufman, John Virologist & Fish Health Specialist 541-737-1853
Jones, Gerald Fish Health Specialist 541-737-6041
Long, Amy Microbiologist 541-737-1863
Bjork, Sarah Microbiologist 541-737-1863
Thornhill, Amelia Microbiologist 541-737-1863
Vacant Fish Health Technician Vacant 541-737-1863
One University Blvd, Badgley Hall, EOU, LaGrande, OR 97850 541-962-3823 FAX 541-962-3873
Onjukka, Sam Fish Health Specialist 541-962-3823
Keniry, Julie Microbiologist 541-962-3011
White, Melissa Microbiologist 541-962-3011
726 Lower Bend Road, Madras, OR 97741 541-325-5343 FAX 541-325-5335
Stocking, Rick Fish Health Specialist 541-325-5343
Swearingen, Glenn Fish Health Technician 541-325-5343
Fish Stock Identification
17330 SE Evelyn Street, Clackamas, Oregon 97015 971-673-6000 Fax : 971-673-6075
Johnson, Ken Fish Identification Project Leader 971-673-6059
Sausville, Jake CWT Lab Technician 971-673-6055
Funston, Larry Autofish Technician 971-673-6050
Shepard, Brian Autofish Technician 971-673-6056
Fulop, Linda CWT Lab Foreman 971-673-6055
Vanderbeck, Geoff Autofish Technician geoff.vanderbeck@state 971-673-6056
Clark, Trevor Autofish Technician 971-673-6056
Haugen, Bill Field Operations Manager 971-673-6052
Black, Richard Autofish Technician 971-673-6050
Fundak, David Autofish Technician 971-673-6056
Sapienza, Sarah CWT Lab Technician 971-673-6055
Kennedy, Kevin CWT Lab Technician 971-673-6055
Davis, Jim CWT Lab Technician 971-673-6055
Hill, LouElyn CWT Lab Technician 971-676-6055
Kepler, Rick Water Resources Program Manager 503-947-6084
Homolka, Ken Hydropower Program Leader 503-947-6090
Hardin, Tim Instream Flow Specialist 503-947-6093
Vacant Water Policy Coordinator Vacant 503-947-6092
Faucera, Danette Water Policy Coordinator 503-947-6092
Natural Resource Information Management
Cooney, Cedric Natural Resources Information Mgmt 503-947-6094
Bowers, Jon ODFW GIS Coordinator 503-947-6097
Shellbach, Ruth Fish Distribution & Barrier GIS Technician 503-947-6096
Kern, Jeff Wildlife GIS Analyst 503-947-6098
Robinson, Peter NRIMP StreamNet Software Developer/Data Base  
Chambers, Jacob NRIMP/StreamNet Data 503-947-6415
Craft, Nadine ODFW Data Steward 503-947-6154
Rodriquez, Arthur Oregon Conservation Strategy GIS Analyst 503-947-0126
Vacant NRIMP/StreamNet Data Technician Vacant  
Vacant NRIMP NOAA/ISTM Data Tehnician Vacant  
Vacant NRIMP NOAA/ISTM Data Tehnician Vacant  
Vacant Coordinated Assessments Data Technician Vacant  
Vacant Fish Barrier & Distribution GIS Technician Vacant  
Vacant Oregon Conservation Strategy GIS Analyst Vacant  
Vacant GIS Software Developer Vacant  
Vacant NRIMP/StreamNet Data TechnicianVacant  
Vacant NRIMP NOAA/ISTM Data TechnicianVacant  
Vacant NRIMP/StreamNet Data TechnicianVacant  
Vacant NRIMP/StreamNet Asst. Software Developer/Data Base ManagerVacant  
Vacant Decision Support System Data Technician Vacant  
Vacant Decision Support System Data Technician Vacant  
Vacant Decision Support System Data Technician Vacant  
Vacant Decision Support System Data Technician Vacant  
OsierMoats, Elizabeth Hydro Coordinator/LaGrande 541-963-2138
Harris, Dave Hydro Coordinator/Roseburg 541-440-3353
Doran, Nancy Assistant Hydro Coordinator/Bend 541-633-1112
Wise, Ted Hydro Coordinator/Bend 541-633-1115
Zauner, John Hydro Coordinator/Clackamas 971-673-6041
Williams, Steve Assistant Fish Division Administrator 503-947-6209
17330 SE Evelyn Street Clackamas, Oregon 97015 971-673-6000 Fax: 971-673-6070
Nigro, Tony Manager - Ocean Salmon & Columbia River Program 971-673-6082
Kern, Chris Acting Manager – Technical Resources Program 503-947-6031
North, John Manager - Fisheries Management Program 971-673-6029
Rien, Tom Manager - Columbia River Coordination Program 971-673-6061
Kostow, Kathryn Technical Analyst - Fisheries/Stock Assessments 971-673-6025
Vacant Technical Analyst - Columbia River Fish Passage/Mitigation Vacant 971-673-6012
Engwall, Susan Office Specialist - OSCRP 971-673-6037
Morrell, Karen Office Specialist - OSCRP 971-673-6063
Technical Resources Program
Clemons, Ethan Technical Analyst - Ocean Salmon Fisheries - (Newport) 541-265-8306 x242
Foster, Craig Project Biologist - Ocean Salmon Fisheries 971-673-6026
Kruger, Rick Technical Analyst - Columbia River Fish Passage/Mitigation 971-673-6012
Columbia River Coordination Program
Mallette, Christine Manager - Columbia River Investigations Program 971-673-6053
Chapman, Colin Assistant Project Leader- Sturgeon/Coho Run-timing Studies 971-673-6045
Cox, Benjamin Project Biologist- Sturgeon/Coho Run-timing Studies 971-673-6058
Dalton, Timothy Project Assistant- Sturgeon Studies 971-673-6042
Farr, Ruth Project Biologist- Sturgeon Studies 971-673-6060
Gardner, Matthew Project Biologist- Predation Studies 971-673-6048
Jones, Tucker Project Leader- Sturgeon/Coho Run-timing Studies 971-673-6067
Vacant Project Leader Vacant  
Martin, Wendy Project Assistant- Sturgeon Studies 541-296-8026
Vacant Project Technician- Predation/Juv. Salmon Ecology Vacant 971-673-6066
Storch, Adam Assistant Project Leader- Juvenile Salmon Ecology Studies 971-673-6069
Tinus, Eric Assistant Project Leader- Columbia River ESA/Mitigation 971-673-6084
Van Dyke, Erick Project Leader- Predation/Juv. Salmon Ecology 971-673-6068
Fisheries Management Program
Vacant Asst. Manager - Fisheries Mangement Program Vacant  
Ames, Debbie Project Aide - Willamette Recreational Fisheries debbie.j, 971-673-6030
Case, Douglas Asst. Project Leader - Columbia River Commercial Fisheries 971-673-6027
Takata, Howard Project Biologist - Willamette Recreational Fisheries 971-673-6065
Duff, Cameron Asst. Project Leader - Select Area & Columbia River Commercial Fisheries 971-673-6057
Melcher, Kevleen Project Leader - Columbia & Willamette River Recreational Fisheries 971-673-6030
Morgan, Bret M. Project Biologist - Columbia River Commercial Fisheries 971-673-6014
Ollerenshaw, Eric Project Biologist - Bonneville Evaluation/Columbia Fisheries 971-673-6039
Rodriguez, Chris Acting Asst. Proj. Leader - Commercial Gear Eval. & Coho Run-timing (Astoria) 503-428-0518
Vacant Project Technician - Select Area & Estuary Fisheries (Astoria) Vacant  
Siniscal, Anthony Project Biologist - Columbia River & Estuary Fisheries (Astoria) 503-298-8226
Takata, Tanna Project Biologist - Columbia River Recreational Fisheries 971-673-6023
Triplett, Bradley Project Technician - Columbia River Fisheries 971-673-6018
Van der Naald, Wayne Asst. Project Leader - Willamette Recreational Fisheries 971-673-6017
Volenec, Devin Project Technician - Columbia River Commercial & Estuary Fisheries (Astoria) devin.e.volenec@state, 503-791-4104
Watts, James Asst. Project Leader - Columbia River Recreational Fisheries 971-673-6054
Whisler, Geoffrey Project Leader-Columbia River Commercial, Select Area & Estuary Fisheries 971-673-6024
2040 SE Marine Science Drive
Newport, OR 97365 
541-867-4741 (main) / 541-867-0300 + Ext. (direct) / FAX 541-867-0311
Administration/Support Services
Braby, Caren Marine Resources Program Manager 541-867-0300 x226
Fox, Dave Resource Assess. & Mgmt Sect Mgr 541-867-0300 x228
Kirchner, Gway Marine Fisheries Section Manager 541-867-0300 x267
Veile-Smuts, Ellen Office Manager 541-867-0300 x259
Sommer, Maggie Tech & Data Srvcs Sect Mgr 541-867-4741 x227
Black, Arthur Public Services Rep 3/Licensing 541-867-0300 x221
Bales, Kelley Office Specialist 2 541-867-3011
Ford, Brandon Public Information Officer 541-867-0300 x277
Jeans, Jo Purchasing Specialist OS2 541-867-0300 x257
Lamb, Donna Budget Specialist 541-867-0300 x241
Schmitt, Cyreis Marine Policy Project Leader 541-867-0300 x265
Resource Assessment and Management - Dave Fox - Section Manager
Ainsworth, Justin Rec. Shellfish Asst Project Leader 541-867-0300 x288
Blume, Matt Field Research Assistant - Marine 541-867-0300 x286
D'Andrea, Tony Shellfish Assessment Proj Leader 541-867-7701 x238
Don, Cristen Marine Reserves Program Leader 541-867-7701 x228
Galleher, Stacy Shellfish Assessment  Assistant Project Leader 541-867-7701 x237
Hannah, Bob Shrimp & Research Project Leader 541-867-0300 x231
Jones, Steve Marine Biologist Shrimp Fishery 541-867-0300 x239
Laferriere, Alix Marine Reserves Research Project Leader 541-867-7701 x227
Vacant Shellfish EBA Vacant 541-867-0300 x232
Matteson, Keith Marine Reserves Research Assistant Project leader 541-867-7701 x225
Merems, Arlene Fisheries Biologist 541-867-0300 x246
Miller, Bill Nearshore Fish/Habitat Bio. 541-867-7701 x226
Vacant Marine Reserves Socio-Economic Analyst Vacant 541-867-7701 x229
Vacant Shellfish Program Leader Vacant 541-867-0300 x245
Rankin, Polly Marine Fishery Research Biologist 541-867-0300 x273
Vacant Age Reader Vacant 541-867-0300 x247
Vacant Marine Reserves Community Support Leader Vacant 541-867-7701 x226
Vance, Mitch Shellfish Project Leader 541-867-0300 x233
Perotti, Elizabeth Shellfish Assessment PL Asst. 541-867-7701 x237
Pierson, Katherine Marine Reserves – Marine Resource Aid 541-867-7701
Marine Fisheries Section - Gway Kirchner - Section Manager
Anderson, Robert Central Coast Sampler - PSMFC 541-867-0300 x293
Buell, Troy State Fisheries Management Program Leader 541-867-0300 x225
Corbett, Kelly Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery Project Leader 541-867-0300 x244
Dauble, Ali Nearshore Resources Assistant Project Leader 541-867-0300 x284
Erickson, Daniel GMT & Technical Representative 541-867-0300 x229
Hilber, Susie Marine Fisheries Analyst 541-867-4741 x291
Kelly, Delia Asst. PL Nearshore Stretey Revision 541-867-0300 x292
Krutzikowsky, Greg Nearshore & Coastal Pelagic Fisheries PL 541-867-0300 x248
Mattes, Lynn Marine Rec. Non-Salmonid Project Leader 541-867-0300 x237
Mirik, Patrick Sport GMT & Project Assistant 541-867-0300 x223
Adkisson, Kelsey Commercial GF Assistant PL 541-867-0300 x258
Wagman, Wolfe NRS2 Black RF Tagging Coordinator 541-867-0300 x289
ZumBrunnen, Linda Asst PL/Non Salmonid Rec Fisheries 541-867-0300 x260
Bobby Ireland Nearshore Logbook Data Analyst 541-265-8306
Technical & Data Services Section - Maggie Sommer - Section Manager
Vacant Ocean Salmon Sampling Asst PL Vacant  
Malvitch, Scott Cental Coast Port Biologist-Newport 541-867-0300 x234
Moll, Jessica Ocean Salmon Project EBA 541-867-0300 x282
Schindler, Eric Ocean Salmon Sampling Project Leader 541-867-0300 x252
Sowell, Carla Finfish Field Operations Supervisor 541-867-0300 x222
Vacant Data Services Assistant Vacant 541-867-0300 x243
Newport MRP Annex
810 SW Alder St., Unit C, Newport, OR 97365 541-265-8306 + ext Fax 541-265-9894
Bauer, Suzanne Program Analyst 541-265-8306 x286
Vacant Derelict Gear Asst. Project Leader Vacant 541-265-8306 x268
Burdett, Christine Logbook Data entry/Port Sampler 541-265-8306 x243
Calavan, Ted Fishery Information Specialist 541-265-8306 x249
Chappell, Aaron Commercial Reg. Project Leader 541-867-0300 x266
Freeman, Mark Marine Info Mgmt Project Leader 541-265-8306 x229
Vacant Data Coordinator Vacant 541-265-8306 x280
Kupillas, Steve PSMFC/Technical Asst 541-265-8306 x227
Vacant Nearshore Logbook Data Analyst Vacant 541-265-8306
Astoria Marine Field Lab
2001 Marine Drive, Room 120, Astoria, OR 97103 503-325-2462 Fax 503-325-8227
Agalzoff, Lori Office Specialist 2 503-325-2462
Douglas, Dave North Coast Port Biologist 503-325-2462
Vacant Port Bio Asst/Port Sampling Vacant 503-325-2462
Forster, Zack Phytoplankton Coordinator 503-325-2462
Hunter, Matt Supervising Shellfish & Phytoplankton Project Leader 503-325-2462
Vacant Albacore Tuna Sampler Vacant 503-325-2462
Smith, Jill Shellfish Biologist 503-325-2462
Tennis, Matt PSMFC **** 503-325-2462
Farber, Michael Whiting Sampler 503-325-2462
Flood, Brooke Shellfish EBA 503-325-2462
Brookings Field Office
PO Box 480, 16217 W. Hoffeldt, Times Sq W. Complex, Harbor, OR 97415 541-412-7364 Fax 541-412-7395
Good, Craig South Coast Port Biologist 541-412-7364
Green, Laura Port Bio Asst./Port Sampler 541-412-7364
Fuller, Jamie Port Sampler 541-412-7364
Howey, Melanie PSMFC South Coast Sampler 541-412-7364
Charleston Field Office
PO Box 5003, 63538 Boat Basin Dr., Charleston, OR 97420 541-888-5515 Fax 541-888-6860
Vacant Charleston Devo EBA Vacant 541-888-5515
Groth, Scott South Coast Shellfish Biologist 541-888-5515
Headlee, Dean Port Bio Asst/Port Sampler  541-888-5515
Heinrich, James Shellfish EBA 541-888-5515
Stephens, Chris South Coast Sampling Coordinator 541-888-5515
Vacant Albacore Tuna Sampler Vacant 541-888-5515
Wilsman, Nick Port Biologist Coos Bay/Charleston 541-888-5515
Marine Mammals
7118 NE Vandenberg Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330-9446 541-757-4186 or 4187 Fax 541-757-4252
Brown, Robin Marine Mammal Project Leader/Corvallis 541-757-4186 X245
Wright, Bryan Biometrician/Corvallis 541-757-4186 X225
Riemer, Susan Marine Mammals Assistant 541-826-8774
Gold Beach - SW Region District
29907 Airport Way, Gold Beach, OR 97444 541-247-6051
Vacant PSMFC-South Coast Sampler Vacant  
North Coast Watershed District Office
4907 Third Street, Tillamook, OR 97141 503-842-2741 Fax: 503-842-8385
Johanns, Sheila PSMFC - Sampler 503-842-2741
Garza, Gabe North Coast Sampling Coordinator 503-842-2741

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