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History - Camp Adair Timelines

These timelines summarize the movements of each division during World War II. courtesy of the Benton County Historical Society & Museum

Commanding Officer: Major/General James Bradley

 August 1942  Activated Camp Adair, Oregon
May 1943 To Fort Lewis, Wa
July 1943 To Bend, OR Manuver Area
November 1943 To Camp White, OR
March 1944 To California for amphibious training
 July 1944 To Hawaii, more amphibious training
October 1944 To Phillippines, Leyte
March 1945 Left Phillippines
April 1945 Attacked Okinawa
June 1945 Asst Commander, General Claudius Easley, killed
July 1945 To Philippines
January 1946 To United States
February 1946 Deactivated

Commanding Officers:
Major/General Gilbert R. Cook
Sept 1942-Oct 1943
Major/General Terry Allen
Oct 1943-Oct 1945

 September 1942  Activated Camp Adair, Oregon
August 1943 To Bend, Or Maneuver Area
October 1943 Gen Allen assumes command
November 1943 To Arizona for desert warfare training
February 1944 To Yuma, AZ, more desert training
March 1944 To Camp Granite, CA
March 1944 To Camp Carson, CO
June 1944 Infantry Day- 15,000 men in review
September 1944 Arrived France
October 1944 To Belgium
November 1944 To Germany
February 1945 Crossed Roer River
March 1945 Crossed Rhine River
April 1945 To Pretzsch to meet Red Army
June 1945 To United States
June 1945 Deactivated
December 1946 Reactivated, Portland, OR-Organized Reserves

Commanding Officers:
Major/General John E Dahlquist
June 1943-July 1944
Major/General Allison Barnett
July 1944- July 1945
 June 1943 Activated Camp Adair, Oregon
July 1944 To Ft Leonard Wood, MO
November 1944 Left for Europe
December 1944 Advanced regiments arrived France
January 1945 Remainder of division in France
February 1945 Offensive near Saar River
March 1945 Pushed through Siegfried Line
October 1945 Deactivated Camp Kilmer, NJ


Commanding Officers:
Major/General Charles Gerhardt
Aug 1942-July 1943
Major/General William Livesay
July 1943- Dec 1945
August 1917

Activated Camp Lewis, WA
Served in France

May 1919 Deactivated
August 1942 Activated Camp White, OR
September 1943 To Bend, OR Manuever Area
July 1943 Gen Livesay assumes command
November 1943 To Camp Adair, OR
March 1944 To Virginia
April 1944 To French Morocco, North Africa for training
June 1944 To Italy
July 1944 Crossed Arno River to Pisa
September 1944 Attacked German Gothic Line
April 1945 Crossed Po River
August 1945 Left Italy
December 1945 Deactivated Camp Rucker, AL
December 1946 Reactivated in California, Reserves

In August 1986, the Benton County Historical Museum installed an exhibit about the history of Camp Adair. As more information and memorabilia becomes available, the exhibit is up-dated. Meanwhile, the museum staff and volunteers continue to gather documentary materials and objects about the cantonment and its impact on the surrounding communities.

If you or someone you know has recollections about Camp Adair, you can help the museum add to the historic record. They are seeking information from former military and civilian camp personnel and their spouses (if they were also in the area) from townspeople who lived nearby during World War II, and from landowners who were displaced by the camp. We ask that they write or record their memories, and give the museum a copy for the Camp Adair History Project. Questionnaires are also available.

If you would like to help, or have papers, photographs, or other objects that you would be willing to donate to the museum's Camp Adair collections, please contact the Benton County Historical Society & Museum.

Benton County Historical Society & Museum
PO Box 351101 Main Street
Philomath, OR 97370-0035
Phone (541)929-6230


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