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Electronic Licensing System (ELS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Updated 8/29/18

Q: What are the anticipated changes to agents selling licenses?

A: The main changes include elimination of the point of sale terminal, availability of electronic licenses and plain paper licenses, instead of special paper licenses. The new system will be accessible via the web and can be accessed from a regular computer, using a standard printer for 8.5”x11” paper. Agents will be able to use their own computers, notebooks, tablets or phones for sales as ODFW will not be supplying equipment or supplies. Licenses and tags purchased will be able to be visible on a computing device or may be printed on plain paper. The system will combine multiple “privileges” (licenses, tags, etc…) on one sheet of paper.

Q: Will agent fees change to accommodate the potential increase in cost?

A: Agent fees are statutory and have not been changed. One of the overall goals for ODFW is to eliminate or significantly lower increases to license and tag fees through process improvement, program development and other methods. During our benchmarking research, ODFW learned that other states have been successful in similar implementations without changing fee structures. ODFW understands that not all agents will be able to utilize their existing computers and printers. Additionally, even basic supplies have a cost. The feedback you provide us will help determine any additional measures that will be needed. Our goal with agents is success of the program through partnership.

Q: What will happen with the existing point of sale equipment and supplies?

A: ODFW is working with the existing Contractor to complete a plan to pick-up the existing equipment. As soon as further details are known, agents will be notified.

Q: Will training be provided for the new solution?

A: While the new solution will be intuitive, training will be available prior to implementation.

Q: The new Agent Agreement references the need for a separate bank account for electronic fund transfer. Why can’t I use the same account I use for my regular business?

A: Oregon law defines ODFW’s license revenue as “public funds” and requires that they are held in a separate account that the Treasury can access. This requirement has existed for many years. ODFW’s intent in this agreement is to improve the funding language to make sure it is clearly understood by Agents.

Q: What can I tell my customers when they express concern over the potential lack of durability of a plain paper license?

A: The new ELS will not have a specialized (waterproof, tear proof) paper for licenses and tags, mainly because the cost is much higher than standard paper, and special printers are required. We currently issue daily licenses on plain paper. Prior to the current system using specialized paper, other ODFW documents were printed on regular paper as well.

If a customer chooses to print a hard copy of their purchased documents they will need to take measures to ensure their document is protected from the elements. Using waterproof containers or plastic baggies should be sufficient in protecting their documents from the elements. Plastic license holders may also be provided by license agents to their customers. These plastic license holders usually were used as an advertising tool and could once again be a valuable item for customers. When purchasing multiple documents, the number of pages a customer will need to have printed will be less than the current licensing system. A single 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper will include multiple document templates for each privilege purchased. The single piece of paper can be folded or each template can be cut out, whichever method the customer prefers.

Q: Why does the new contract include insurance requirements?

A: A $1 million general liability insurance policy is a baseline requirement in all State of Oregon contracts. Most agents should already have this type of insurance in place. If you have a specific reason you are not insured to that level, ODFW, upon request, may be able to approve a lower limit. Annual sales and geographic region coverage may be determining factors.

Q: Why is ODFW moving to have computer equipment and printers supplied by Agents?

A: The new ELS will not have vendor provided equipment because of the high cost of application specific equipment, specialized paper and printers, as well as statewide equipment support. Agents will be able to use computing devices already in use and are not required to make equipment purchases solely dedicated for the ELS.

Q: With all of the new capabilities for customers, is ODFW’s goal to eliminate Agents?

A: License Agents will remain a valuable resource in continuing to serve ODFW’s customers. ODFW is utilizing modern technology and software programs to modernize the licensing system. This includes online accounts, mobile apps and digital recording of harvest. ODFW recognizes that not everyone has a smart phone, home computer or access to the internet. While ODFW recognizes that not all agents will continue their service, customers that do not utilize online services need an avenue to purchase their ODFW documents.


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