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A&H Grants Frequently Asked Questions

How much property do I have to own to be eligible for an A&H grant?

There is no minimum/maximum acreage for A&H projects. The Access and Habitat program has funded habitat and/or access projects on properties as small as 30 acres and as large as 1.5 million acres.

How long is the duration of an A&H grant?

There is no set length of time of an Access and Habitat grant. The duration of the grant is whatever is agreed upon by the state board. Many grants are for one or two years, while others are for 10 or more years.

Can I receive technical help for designing a project proposal?

Yes, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff can assist you in filling out you application. For help, contact the ODFW Access and Habitat Regional Coordinator in your area.

If I apply for an A&H grant, do I have to allow public hunting access on my property?

Public hunting access is not a requirement of all A&H projects. While the A&H board prefers projects that provide public hunting access, they do fund habitat projects with no public hunting access component.

How long does the grant approval process take?

In general, it will take 3-4 months from the time you submit a grant application until the Commission approves a project. After proposal submission, the proposal is reviewed by the regional advisory council, the state board, and the Fish and Wildlife Commission if the project is recommended for funding by the Board.

If my proposal is not recommended by the Regional Advisory Council does it move on for review by the State Access and Habitat Board?

Yes, the Regional Advisory Council votes to recommend or not recommend a project for approval. All projects move to the A&H board with the regional councils recommendations. If the A&H Board votes to recommend a project, then it goes on for final approval from the Commission. If the board votes to deny a project proposal, the applicant has the option to return with a new proposal at a later date.


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