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Licenses and Regulations

License Fees - Hunting and Trapping

Juvenile Licenses Resident Nonresident
Juvenile Sports Pac (Combination Angling/Hunting/Shellfish License, Combined Angling Harvest Tag, Columbia River Endorsement, Validation for Upland Bird and Waterfowl hunting, General or Controlled Buck Deer or Controlled Antlerless Deer, General or Controlled Elk, General Cougar, General or Controlled Bear and Spring Turkey Tag) $64.75 ---
Annual Juvenile Hunter $14.50 $27.50
Juvenile Turkey Tag



Hunting Licenses Resident Nonresident
Sport Pac (Combination Angling/Hunting/Shellfish License, a Combined Angling Harvest Tag, Columbia River Endorsement, a Validation for Upland Bird and Waterfowl hunting, plus a General or Controlled Buck Deer, General or Controlled Elk, General Cougar, General or Controlled Bear and Spring Turkey Tag) $174.50 ---
Combination – hunting and fishing $67.75 ---
Hunting License $29.50 $148.50
Senior Citizen Combination License (70 and older, Oregon resident for 5 years) $21.50 ---
Senior Citizen Hunting License (70 and older, Oregon resident for 5 years) $13.75 ---
Three Day Nonresident Bird Hunting --- $26.50
Permanent Disabled Veteran Combination License Free ---
Permanent Pioneer Combination License Free ---
Big Game Tags Resident Nonresident
Pronghorn Tag $44.50 $341.50
Black Bear Tag $14.50 $190.50
Bighorn Sheep Tag $122.50 $1,308.50
Cougar Tag $14.50 $14.50
Deer Tag $24.50 $383.50
Elk Tag $42.50 $508.50
Disabled Vet/Pioneer – Elk Tag $22.25 N/A
Rocky Mountain Goat Tag $122.50 $1,308.50

Controlled Hunt Applications

Big Game Controlled Hunt Application $8.00 $8.00
Game Bird Controlled Hunt Application $2.00 $2.00

Hunting - Raffle Tickets

Tickets per package
Bighorn Sheep Raffle Tickets $11.50 $51.50 $101.50 --- --- ---
Deer Raffle Tickets $4.50 $11.50 --- $21.50 $51.50 $101.50
Elk Raffle Tickets $6.50 $21.50 --- $41.50 $101.50 ---
Combination Elk and Deer Raffle Tickets $11.50 $31.50 --- $61.50 151.50 ---
Pronghorn Raffle Tickets $11.50 $51.50 $101.50 --- --- ---
Mountain Goat Raffle Tickets $11.50 $51.50 $101.50 --- --- ---

Upland Game Bird and Waterfowl

Hunting Tags Permits and Validations
Pheasant Tag (Denman, E.E. Wilson, Fern Ridge, Sauvie Island ) $17.00 $17.00
Turkey Tag $22.50 $77.50
Game Bird Permit/Reservation (Fern Ridge, Klamath Falls , Sage Grouse, Sauvie Island) $4.00 $4.00
Upland Game Bird Stamp (Validation*) $8.50 ---
Waterfowl Bird Stamp (Validation*) $11.50 ---
Nonresident Bird Stamp (Validation*) --- $38.50
Wildlife Area Bird Hunt Reservation/Permit $4.00 $4.00

ODFW Wildlife Area Parking Permits

Fifteen ODFW Wildlife Areas require a parking permit: Coyote Springs, Denman, E.E. Wilson, Elkhorn, Fern Ridge, Irrigon, Jewell Meadows, Klamath, Ladd Marsh, Phillip W. Schneider, Power City, Sauvie Island, Summer Lake, White River, and Willow Creek Wildlife Areas. $7.00 (One Day Pass) $22.00 (Annual Pass)

Small Game Hunting and Trapping

Furbearer License FEE
Resident Furtaker's License $47.00
Nonresident Furtaker's License $352.00
Resident Hunting License for Furbearers $22.00
Resident Juvenile Furtakers License (Age 14-17) $17.00
Juveniles younger than 14 See license requirements above

Small Game Hunting and Trapping License Requirements

Juveniles younger than 14 years of age are not required to purchase a license, except to hunt or trap bobcat and otter; but, they must complete the Trapper Education course and register to receive a brand number through the Salem ODFW office.

Landowners must obtain either a furtaker’s license, a hunting license for furbearers, or a free license to take furbearers on land they own and on which they reside. To receive the free license, the landowner must obtain from ODFW Salem Headquarters a receipt of registration for the location of such land prior to hunting or trapping furbearing mammals on that land.

Furtakers License and Tag Fees

Furtakers need only (1) license. A Furtaker's License allows the holder to trap, hunt and pursue. A Hunting License for Furbearers allows the holder only to hunt and pursue.

Duplicate License and Tags




Duplicate License and Tags $17.00 $25.00
NEW Duplicate Hunter Education Card $10.00 $10.00
NEW Landowner Preference Registration $30.00 $30.00

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