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Sport Pacific Halibut - Setting the Season for 2014

    August 2013
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  • ODFW hosted four public meetings to discuss proposed changes for the 2014 Catch Sharing Plan (CSP). This is the opportunity for the public to initiate changes to the Pacific halibut sport fishery. Anglers were also asked to help set future groundfish seasons and regulations in Oregon. News release

    Meeting materials:

    Groundfish (pdf)
    Pacific halibut (pdf, 33 pages)

    Public meetings started at 7 p.m on:

    • Tuesday, Aug. 6, at the Tillamook ODFW office conference room, 4907 Third St., Tillamook
    • Wednesday, Aug. 7, at the Holiday Inn Express, 135 SE 32nd St., Newport
    • Monday, Aug. 12, at the Best Western Beachfront Inn, 16008 Boat Basin Road, Brookings
    • Tuesday, Aug. 13, at the North Bend Public Library, 1800 Sherman Ave., North Bend


  • Those who could not attend a meeting were invited to comment by contacting Lynn Mattes or Patrick Mirick by e-mail or by phone (541-867-0300).

What's the Catch Sharing Plan?

The CSP is the framework by which Paciific halibut are managed during the year and includes:

  • Allocation (between fisheries and between geographical subareas within fisheries)
  • Seasons (opening and closing dates, open days of the week)
  • Bag limits
  • Length limits
  • Allowable inseason regulation changes

Read Catch Sharing Plans

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  • After reviewing public input, ODFW prepares recommendations for the Pacific Fishery Management Council.

  • The Council also considers letters and e-mails received directly from the public.

   September 2013
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  • The Pacific Fishery Management Council meets September 12-17 in Boise, ID, and considers proposals for changes to the Catch Sharing Plan. The Council then approves some, none or all proposals (including any that are developed at the Council meeting) for additional public comment.

  • Details are available in the Council briefing book

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  • ODFW solicits additional public comment on proposals selected by the Council for further consideration.

    • ODFW conducts two public meetings: Newport on Sept. 24 and Brookings on Sept. 25 . Read the news release

    • An online survey, with questions relevant to all three subareas - Columbia River, central coast and south of Humbug Mt - was available Sept. 24 through Oct. 1 (Tuesday) at 5 p.m.

   October 2013
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  • After considering public input, ODFW submits a report to the Pacific Fishery Management Council for decision at the November Council meeting.

  • Read the report (pdf, 12 pages)
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  • The International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) accepts public requests for 2014 regulatory changes (e.g., season length) or management actions for review at its annual meeting. The deadline is Nov. 1, 2013. A submission form and more information is available on the IPHC annual meeting website at

   November 2013
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  • The Council adopted changes listed below for the 2014 Catch Sharing Plan at its meeting, November 1-6, in Costa Mesa, CA.

    • Columbia River subarea. The all-depth halibut fishery will be open four days a week, Thursday through Sunday, for both the spring and summer seasons. Additionally, a new nearshore (incidental) fishery has been created with 1,000 pounds or 10% of the Columbia River subarea allocation, whichever is less. This nearshore fishery will be open beginning May 5, 2014, inside the 40-fathom line (defined by waypoints) through the earlier of the quota attainment or September 30, and it will only be open on days when the all-depth fishery is closed. 

    • Central Coast subarea. The nearshore halibut fishery will open on July 1, seven days a week.

    • South of Humbug Mountain subarea. A new Southern Oregon subarea (Humbug Mountain to the OR/CA border) was created with 2% of the Oregon sport allocation and an opening date of May 1; open seven days a week. 


   December 2013
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  • IPHC held its annual interim meeting in Seattle on Dec. 3 and 4. Attendance at this meeting was by invitation only, but all sessions were webcast, and the webcast was open to the public. IPHC staff presentations and recordings of the webcasts are posted at the Commission’s website at

  • IPHC staff provided harvest advice for consideration by the Commission. Harvest advice is summarized in a decision table that includes estimates of risk over a range of potential harvest choices for 2014. Read the news release at

  • Preliminary catch limit recommendations will be considered by IPHC commissioners and advisors for final adoption at the IPHC annual meeting in January.

   January 2014
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  • IPHC set catch limits on Jan. 17 at its annual meeting. IPHC presentations and other information are available at

  • The 2014 catch limit is 0.96 million pounds (compared to 0.99 million pounds last year) for Area 2A (Oregon, Washington and California).

  • ODFW invited anglers to hear details of the quota and weigh in on open dates for the Central Coast Subarea spring all-depth halibut fishery at a public meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 29, at 7 pm, at the Holiday Inn Express, 135 SE 32nd St., Newport (South Beach). News release

  • For those who could not attend the public meeting, an online survey was available. 

   February 2014
  • ODFW submits a report to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and the National Marine Fisheries Service with recommended dates for the Oregon central coast subarea spring all-depth sport halibut fishery.

   March-April 2014
  • The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and the National Marine Fisheries Service approve regulations, including open dates for the central coast subarea (Cape Falcon to Humbug Mt.) all-depth sport halibut fishery.


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