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Photo Gallery - This Year's Selected Photos

Fighting a tule chinookWe want your action shots!

Got action? ODFW is interested in showcasing photos of your participation in fishing, hunting, crabbing and clamming. Think casting, catching, netting, scoping, tracking, digging--not so much the result as how much fun you have while doing it.

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October 2016
Trout Great Blue Heron
Five year old son catches a beauty of a trout.
-Photo by Dustin Audirsch-
Great Blue Heron
-Photo by Christopher Mart-
Deer Hunt Gulls
My wife's first buck
-Photo by Kraig McCanna-
Heermann's Gull in front
-Photo by Christopher Mart-
Deer Hunt Fall Chinook
Blacktail 3-point taken with 20 gauge shotgun.
-Photo by Jennifer Erdmann-
Brianna's first 2016 fall Chinook. About 25Lbs
-Photo by Sommer Moyer-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
A Fantastic buck harvested by 18 year old Hunter Ashenbrenner taken at 540 yards. Great job.
-Photo by Eric Ashenbrenner-
Three generations of Kirklands, fall hunting trip to Eastern Oregon.
-Photo by Jennifer Kirkland-
Elk Hunt Elk Hunt
Mt Emily Archery Bull
-Photo by Bryan Langley-
Archery Elk Hunting Eastern Oregon
-Photo by Bryan Langley-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
Happy Hunter
-Photo by Rick Tungate-
Mule Deer Season Opening Day With my Son.
-Photo by Billy Sisson-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
Me and my 3 year old with my buck I haven't harvested a buck in almost 10 years
-Photo by Brandi Church-
Mary and grand daughter Jay
-Photo by John Gambill-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
Beautiful Mule Deer Taken by Hannah McCanna
-Photo by Kraig McCanna-
First Male deer ever! Awesome shoot using open sites.
-Photo by Bill Weitzel Jr.-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
First buck! Rifle season 2016
-Photo by Tim Moxley-
Ryan's first buck
-Photo by Brent Woodward-
September 2016
Father and son time well spent!
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Chinook Elk
Starting them young.
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Cat's First Elk Takedown with a Bow
-Photo by Catherine Sandor-Korte-
Elk Elk
Cat's First Elk Takedown with a Bow
-Photo by Catherine Sandor-Korte-
Pheasant hunt Deer hunt
2015 White River WMA youth pheasant hunt
-Photo by Mark Thomas-
A successful bow hunt.....priceless
-Photo by Greg Cole-
August 2016
Jack Salmon Mule Deer
Noah holding our first catch of the season!
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Opening Elk Archery Season 2016
-Photo by Azura Gaige-
Bluegill Bluegill
Hudson is proud of his catch
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Hudson's first bass!
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Bluegill Jack Salmon
3 year old Hudson casted and landed this bluegill all by himself!
-Photo by Justin Falk-
First of the season!
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Great Egret
Great Egreat at Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area. Ahh...I'm not crazy about having my picture taken!
-Photo by Maxine Wyatt-
Elk Hunter Dungeness
After 40 years of hunting Doug harvested the big one.
-Photo by Sally Woodman-
Beautiful and delicious crab
-Photo by Sally Woodman-
Cougar Hunter Blacktail

My First Cat
-Photo by Wayne Chavez-

A beautiful Blacktail
-Photo by Sally Woodman-
Ocean Chinook Ocean Chinook
Catch of the year
-Photo by Doug Woodman-
One great foggy day on the coast of Oregon
-Photo by Doug Woodman-
July 2016
  Hello Mr. Sturgeon
-Photo by Suzette H. Lazo, MD-
Turkey Hunter Mule Deer
Justin Falk with his 2016 mountain gobbler
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Mule deer family in the spring
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Bluebird Crabbing
Mountain Bluebird
-Photo by Justin Falk-

Noah loves crabbing
-Photo by Wade Campbell-

June 2016
Blacktail Gobbler
Three point blacktail
-Photo by Blaine Fanning-
Spring Gobbler for Morgan
-Photo by Brett Thomas-
Bass Salmon
Camron caught this huge bass first 30 minutes of fishing!
-Photo by Art Pila-
First salmon landed
-Photo by Annalise Milwrick-
Salmon Steelhead
Tight lines!
-Photo by Kolby Zurbrugg-
Rogue steel
-Photo by Donald Carr-
Steelhead Longbeard
Chrome bright summer buck
-Photo by Jonny Holis-
Father/Son team up on Norm's Longbeard
-Photo by Tod Nau-
Rainbow Trout Cougar
Young Jaxon Kidd catches his first Oregon Rainbow at Trillium Lake, Oregon Memorial Day 2016 pictured with his father Carl Kidd.
-Photo by Lance Martin-
The new farm cat
-Photo by John Engelien-
May 2016
Turkey hunt Turkey hunt

10 year old Emily used the "mentored youth" program to take her 1st tom with a Rossi 20 gauge shotgun.
-Photo by Will Waddell-

Trout fishing Turkey hunt

A good day fishing at Trojan Pond.
-Photo by Svilen Stoyanov-

14 year old Katelin Gooch proudly displays her first ever Wild Turkey
-Photo by Chad Gooch-
Bull Elk Black Bear

Bull Elk, by trail camera
-Photo provided by Greg Robinson-

Black Bear, by trail camera
-Photo provided by Greg Robinson-
Deer hunt

Opening day rifle deer
-Photo by Jacob Lehrbadh-

April Turkey Hunt
-Photo by Mark Petrime-
Fly Fishing Wood Duck Drake

Fall fly fishing
-Photo by Greg Yamada-

Male Wood Duck
-Photo by Leise Wease-
Canada Goose Gosling Canada Geese

Canada Goose Gosling
-Photo by Leise Wease-

Canada Goose & Goslings
-Photo by Leise Wease-
March & April 2016
  Rio Grande Turkey


Took us 5 min after shooting hours to get this tom to come in to us. Spurs 3/4in. Beard 8 3/4. weighed 27.8lbs
-Photo by Ben Thompson-
Columbia Chinook Tom turkey
Tyler caught his first salmon 20 pound chinook salmon.
-Photo by Tyler Wilson -
Spring Turkey
-Photo by Randy Weatherford-
Rainbow trout First buck
Jay's biggest rainbow on a fly!
-Photo by Sarah Hanson-
Gunnar Sanchez posing with his first buck.
-Photo by John A Boro-
Rocky Mt. elk Spring Turkey
Jared Falk with his first elk taken in central Oregon.
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Justin Falk with his 2015 spring turkey taken on public land in central Oregon.
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Spring Chinook Austyn
Justin Falk with a late spring chinook caught while targeting steelhead on the McKenzie River.
-Photo by Troy Rodakowski-
So excited to fish.
-Photo by Donny Loudermilk-
February 2016
Mt. Hood buck Brayden's buck

"It was worth waiting 15 years to take a buck of a lifetime. What made it even better was sharing the experience with my kids." - Jim Collins
-Photo by Isabella Collins-

Brayden took this great black-tailed buck, his first, with a 285 yard shot.
-Photo by Bryan Langley-
First turkey for Geena Genna and Hannah

First Turkey for Geena
-Photo by Fred Walasavage-

Great youth hunting experience
-Photo by Fred Walasavage-
  Crawfish - Toledo, OR - exploring the creek on Grandpa's property with the kids
-Photo by Melissa Rosin-
January 2016
Big Trout Spring  Turkey
Rainbow trout
-Photo by Aaron Watzig-
Big tom came running to the DSDecoy with one click from the mouth
-Photo by Paul Opoien-
Rainbow Trout Steelhead

Canby people be giant!!
-Ben Millar-

Limit of hatchery Steelhead from the Alsea River.
-Photo by Sean Kearney-

Native  Steelhead Blacktail
Putting a native fish in a holding tube for the Alsea River Hatchery Wild
-Photo by Sean Kearney-
Kayla Scott with an awesome Blacktail taken during the Rogue Unit youth hunt.
She made an incredible 565 yd. shot to take this beautiful buck!!
-Photo by Mike Scott-

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