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Photo Gallery - This Year's Selected Photos

Fighting a tule chinookWe want your action shots!

Got action? ODFW is interested in showcasing photos of your participation in fishing, hunting, crabbing and clamming. Think casting, catching, netting, scoping, tracking, digging--not so much the result as how much fun you have while doing it.

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January & February 2017
REd-shouldered Hawk Oregon Junco
Red-shouldered Hawk
-Photo by Michael Geiger-
Oregon junko sitting on a frozen branch after this winter (2016-2017) ice storm
-Photo by Michael Geiger-
Columbia Springer Spring Elk
Chunky May Springer -Photo by Kurt Martin- Bull elk on trail camera -Photo by Greg Robinson-
Mule Deer Hunt Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt
Andrew's First Deer, Premium WW Unit tag. -Photo by Robert Guerrero- Christa with her first bull elk! -Photo by Robert Guerrero-
Mule Deer Hunt Rocky Mountain Elk Hunt
18 year old Hunter Ashenbrenner harvested a nice mule deer.
Shot at 529 yards. -Photo by Eric Ashenbrenner-
Gib Earl's Rocky Mountain Elk
-Photo by Jim Palmer, Jr.-
December 2016
  Winter Steelhead
  Winter steelhead on the Coquille River. -Photo by Jason Zick-
Ring-necked pheasants Chukar hunt
Limit of ring-necked roosters! -Photo by Justin Miller- Happy Old Hunting Dog -Photo by Ed Levine-
black-tail Crabbing
New state record buck shot with a bow. -Photo by Jamie Southwell- A good day of crabbing near Florence, OR -Photo by Aaron whitten-
Mountain Goat Bald Eagle
Giving up winter wool, June 2016 -Photo by Chris Draper- Urban bald eagle -Photo by Jessica Lusko-
bald eagle Bald Eagle
Urban bald eagle -Photos by Jessica Lusko-
Mule deer hunt Antelope Hunt
Girls get it done!
-Photo by Matt Langer-
Family Hunt
-Photo by Ronald Hostetler-
Sturgeon Rainbow Trout
First sturgeon ever, and from a kayak. Near Swan Island in Portland.
-Photo by Adam Gorrell-
A 32-inch, 14-pound rainbow trout caught at Rock Creek Reservoir near Wamac.
-Photo by Dakota Peterson-
Mule Deer Hunt Chinook
Girls get it done!
-Photo by Matt Langer-

Late run Chinook from the Willamette River near Dexter Dam.
-Photo by Hagen Nissen-

Blacktail Elk Hunt
Last day buck after a long season
-Photo by Matt Costelleo-
Incentive Tag Winner
-Photo by Lee Rakin-
Chinook Elk Hunt
A nice wild Chinook from the Sixes River.
-Photo by Jamie Lowe-
Jerry Mathews with general archery season bull elk.
-Photo by Tyler Andrews-
Mule Deer Hunt Pronghorn Hunt
Premium Tag Success
-Photo by Richard Costa-
I was able to take this great buck on the last weekend of my Paulina Premium Pronghorn tag. Best of all my family got to be there.
-Photo by Amber Meadows-
Koknee Line Snake Riverunt
Two young anglers hold a catch of kokanee from Green Peter Reservoir.
-Photo by Zac Line-
High country pack-in hunt
-Photo by Paul Craig-
November 2016
Blacktail Elk Opening
My biggest blacktail buck to date and my first successful hunt with a muzzleloader.
-Photo by Matt Buck-
2016 Elk Season - Opening morning
-Photo by Mike Michaelson-
Mule deer hunt Boy and trout
Lucky I even saw a buck
-Photo by Sherri Giffin-
Grandson Odin at recent ODFW trout event.
-Photo by Jerry D. Alto-
Blacktail Hunt Saddle Mt. Hunt

Blacktail Buck harvested 01 Nov 2016. One clean shot from the AR Platform Sig 556 Rifle (pictured). - Photo by Dennis Turner-

On top of the cut, Saddle Mountain Unit
-Photo by Tony Schaffer-
Blacktail Hunt Saddle Mt.
Buck Down
-Photo by Tony Shaffer-
Wide Open Spaces, Saddle Mountain Unit.
-Photo by Tony Schaffer-
Elk Hunt Winter Steelhead
2015 Statewide Combination elk taken in the Wenaha Wilderness, October 1st
-Photo by Jason Thomas-
Winter Steelhead caught on N. Umpqua in the fly water on fly tied by Travis Walter
-Photo by Gavin Weaver-
First Deer Pronghorn
Christopher's first Turkey
-Photo by Tammy Hay-
Oregon premium hunt Antelope 2016 - 1 tag, 1 unit to myself = "ONE AWESOME HUNT" -Photo by Robert James Holmes-
Goose Hunt Archry Bull
Coast goose hunt
-Photo by Walter Gillingham-
2016 Archery Bull
-Photo by Michal Herzog-
Pronghorn Mule Deer
I spent a few days scouting in July and looked over a lot of pronghorn. I arrived by myself a day before the season opened and hunted all of opening day. I shot this one about 30 min before dark and had to do a self portrait. A lot of fun and a great hunt. -Photo by Thomas Gakstatter- Muture 4x4 buck in mid september
-Photo by Derek Marlatt-
Elk Hunt Archery Bull
2016 NE Oregon Elk Raffle Hunt
-Photo by Tom Pascua-
6x6 Bull Elk "The passion to hunt with your best friend."
-Photo by Chace Arnold-
Archery Mule Deer Heading Home
Parker's first ever big game animal
-Photo by Dakota Peterson-
Heading home with Brandons first deer
-Photo by Richard Jake James Batker-
Youth Deer Hunt
My wife's 1st ever big game animal she harvested. 290 yd shot!!!
-Photo by Trent Boothe-
1st time youth hunt, 12 Years Old.
-Photo by Tory Holcomb-
Great Blue Herron Steelhead
A Great Blue Heron looks for its next snack.
-Photo by Jaklyn Larsen-
Summer Steelhead on the Mckenzie River.
-Photo by Brandon Nash-
Mentored Youth Rifle Deer

My Son Chase's second buck he killed on the mentor youth program. As you can imagine, he was plenty happy. The mentor youth program is an excellent opportunity for our kids. -Photo by Shane Blisseck-

Chelsea's first buck
-Photo by Rick Badker-
Elk hunt Elk Hunt
My daughters first bull Elk
-Photo by Mike Perkins-
Upper deschutes premium elk tag. 5x5 on 2 October 2016
-Photo by Jeff Heller-
October 2016
Trout Great Blue Heron
Five year old son catches a beauty of a trout.
-Photo by Dustin Audirsch-
Great Blue Heron
-Photo by Christopher Mart-
Deer Hunt Gulls
My wife's first buck
-Photo by Kraig McCanna-
Heermann's Gull in front
-Photo by Christopher Mart-
Deer Hunt Fall Chinook
Blacktail 3-point taken with 20 gauge shotgun.
-Photo by Jennifer Erdmann-
Brianna's first 2016 fall Chinook. About 25Lbs
-Photo by Sommer Moyer-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
A Fantastic buck harvested by 18 year old Hunter Ashenbrenner taken at 540 yards. Great job.
-Photo by Eric Ashenbrenner-
Three generations of Kirklands, fall hunting trip to Eastern Oregon.
-Photo by Jennifer Kirkland-
Elk Hunt Elk Hunt
Mt Emily Archery Bull
-Photo by Bryan Langley-
Archery Elk Hunting Eastern Oregon
-Photo by Bryan Langley-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
Happy Hunter
-Photo by Rick Tungate-
Mule Deer Season Opening Day With my Son.
-Photo by Billy Sisson-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
Me and my 3 year old with my buck I haven't harvested a buck in almost 10 years
-Photo by Brandi Church-
Mary and grand daughter Jay
-Photo by John Gambill-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
Beautiful Mule Deer Taken by Hannah McCanna
-Photo by Kraig McCanna-
First Male deer ever! Awesome shoot using open sites.
-Photo by Bill Weitzel Jr.-
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt
First buck! Rifle season 2016
-Photo by Tim Moxley-
Ryan's first buck
-Photo by Brent Woodward-
September 2016
Father and son time well spent!
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Chinook Elk
Starting them young.
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Cat's First Elk Takedown with a Bow
-Photo by Catherine Sandor-Korte-
Elk Elk
Cat's First Elk Takedown with a Bow
-Photo by Catherine Sandor-Korte-
Pheasant hunt Deer hunt
2015 White River WMA youth pheasant hunt
-Photo by Mark Thomas-
A successful bow hunt.....priceless
-Photo by Greg Cole-
August 2016
Jack Salmon Mule Deer
Noah holding our first catch of the season!
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Opening Elk Archery Season 2016
-Photo by Azura Gaige-
Bluegill Bluegill
Hudson is proud of his catch
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Hudson's first bass!
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Bluegill Jack Salmon
3 year old Hudson casted and landed this bluegill all by himself!
-Photo by Justin Falk-
First of the season!
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Great Egret
Great Egreat at Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area. Ahh...I'm not crazy about having my picture taken!
-Photo by Maxine Wyatt-
Elk Hunter Dungeness
After 40 years of hunting Doug harvested the big one.
-Photo by Sally Woodman-
Beautiful and delicious crab
-Photo by Sally Woodman-
Cougar Hunter Blacktail

My First Cat
-Photo by Wayne Chavez-

A beautiful Blacktail
-Photo by Sally Woodman-
Ocean Chinook Ocean Chinook
Catch of the year
-Photo by Doug Woodman-
One great foggy day on the coast of Oregon
-Photo by Doug Woodman-
July 2016
  Hello Mr. Sturgeon
-Photo by Suzette H. Lazo, MD-
Turkey Hunter Mule Deer
Justin Falk with his 2016 mountain gobbler
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Mule deer family in the spring
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Bluebird Crabbing
Mountain Bluebird
-Photo by Justin Falk-

Noah loves crabbing
-Photo by Wade Campbell-

June 2016
Blacktail Gobbler
Three point blacktail
-Photo by Blaine Fanning-
Spring Gobbler for Morgan
-Photo by Brett Thomas-
Bass Salmon
Camron caught this huge bass first 30 minutes of fishing!
-Photo by Art Pila-
First salmon landed
-Photo by Annalise Milwrick-
Salmon Steelhead
Tight lines!
-Photo by Kolby Zurbrugg-
Rogue steel
-Photo by Donald Carr-
Steelhead Longbeard
Chrome bright summer buck
-Photo by Jonny Holis-
Father/Son team up on Norm's Longbeard
-Photo by Tod Nau-
Rainbow Trout Cougar
Young Jaxon Kidd catches his first Oregon Rainbow at Trillium Lake, Oregon Memorial Day 2016 pictured with his father Carl Kidd.
-Photo by Lance Martin-
The new farm cat
-Photo by John Engelien-
May 2016
Turkey hunt Turkey hunt

10 year old Emily used the "mentored youth" program to take her 1st tom with a Rossi 20 gauge shotgun.
-Photo by Will Waddell-

Trout fishing Turkey hunt

A good day fishing at Trojan Pond.
-Photo by Svilen Stoyanov-

14 year old Katelin Gooch proudly displays her first ever Wild Turkey
-Photo by Chad Gooch-
Bull Elk Black Bear

Bull Elk, by trail camera
-Photo provided by Greg Robinson-

Black Bear, by trail camera
-Photo provided by Greg Robinson-
Deer hunt

Opening day rifle deer
-Photo by Jacob Lehrbadh-

April Turkey Hunt
-Photo by Mark Petrime-
Fly Fishing Wood Duck Drake

Fall fly fishing
-Photo by Greg Yamada-

Male Wood Duck
-Photo by Leise Wease-
Canada Goose Gosling Canada Geese

Canada Goose Gosling
-Photo by Leise Wease-

Canada Goose & Goslings
-Photo by Leise Wease-
March & April 2016
  Rio Grande Turkey


Took us 5 min after shooting hours to get this tom to come in to us. Spurs 3/4in. Beard 8 3/4. weighed 27.8lbs
-Photo by Ben Thompson-
Columbia Chinook Tom turkey
Tyler caught his first salmon 20 pound chinook salmon.
-Photo by Tyler Wilson -
Spring Turkey
-Photo by Randy Weatherford-
Rainbow trout First buck
Jay's biggest rainbow on a fly!
-Photo by Sarah Hanson-
Gunnar Sanchez posing with his first buck.
-Photo by John A Boro-
Rocky Mt. elk Spring Turkey
Jared Falk with his first elk taken in central Oregon.
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Justin Falk with his 2015 spring turkey taken on public land in central Oregon.
-Photo by Justin Falk-
Spring Chinook Austyn
Justin Falk with a late spring chinook caught while targeting steelhead on the McKenzie River.
-Photo by Troy Rodakowski-
So excited to fish.
-Photo by Donny Loudermilk-

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