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Photo Gallery - This Year's Selected Photos

Fighting a tule chinookWe want your action shots!

Got action? ODFW is interested in showcasing photos of your participation in fishing, hunting, crabbing and clamming. Think casting, catching, netting, scoping, tracking, digging--not so much the result as how much fun you have while doing it.

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December 2015
Steelhead Steelhead
Kaleb Mello (with fish) age 9. First winter steelhead.
-Photo by Joseph Mello-
Drift Fishing for Winter Steelhead
-Photo by Kaela Knutson-
Chinook Shad
Bobber fishing for Chinook
-Photo by Cooper J Hedgecock-
Kids and big Umpqua shad
-Photo by Cooper J Hedgecock-
Spring Chinook Chinook
Conner Hedgecock first spring Chinook he caught last March. He is 9 years old.
-Photo by Cooper J Hedgecock-
30-pound Chinook
-Photo by Cooper J Hedgecock-
Chinook Duck Hunter
Fighting a 30-pound Chinook on the Elk River Oregon
-Photo by Cooper J Hedgecock-
Drake Mallard. We live exploring all of the Wildlife Areas around the state.
-Photo by Angela Haralson-
Duck Hunter Blacktail
Getting up at 3:00 am...ugh, carrying 30 lbs of decoys in a backpack over a mile...ugh, first Drake of the day...priceless. -Photo by Mike Haralson- Western blacktail shot at 324 yards. Girls can hunt too!
-Photo by Cameron Seiger-
Columbia Blacktail Saddle Moutnain
After showing up on my trail camera on November 17th, and not again, this 139" blacktail chased a doe within archery range of my cousins' treestand a half mile away on November 25th 2015. -Photo by Wyatt Sebright- Looking for elk
-Photo by  Ken Sofich-
Saddle Mountain Large Mouth Bass
Saddle Mountain
-Photo by  Ken Sofich-
Early fall bass
-Photo by Adam McDermott-
Chinook Mule Deer

Chinook caught by Renee - personal record breaking catch
-Photo by Jon Nichols-

Big buck down
-Photo by Adam Bieghler / Lucas Bieghler-
Bull Elk Mule Deer Buck
Beautiful 6pt bull arrowed by Abe Allison on the 3rd day of the hunt in eastern Oregon
-Photo by Abe Allison-
Opening day success on this nice 4x5 mule deer
-Photo by Jorge Munoz-
Brook Trout Mule Deer
Upper Deschutes brookie, released back to the river
-Photo by Phil Fischer-
Owen happy dad finally found a buck
-Photo by Brett Kibble-
Fishing Trout
Largemouth bass fishing fun!
-Photo by Amy Michelle Johnson-
Andrea with a nice rainbow trout she caught
-Photo by Douglas E Osbon-
Turkey Hunt Kokanee
First turkey harvested for Kate, called in to 15 yards
-Photo by Sean Solus-
The Lucky Duck Crew has a VERY memorable day at Odell on a Fantastic Jig Bite in late April
-Photo by Terry Walters-
Mule Deer Mule Deer
11-24-15, Making Memories
-Photo by Douglas E Osbon-
Rio Grande Turkey Rio Grande Turkey
One of Andy's many turkeys
-Photo by Jacob Richmond-
David's first wild turkey
-Photo by Jacob Richmond-
Chinook Mule Buck
40 pound salmon, 15 pound test line/leader. T Bruce custom rod
-Photo by Bow Hill Bruce-
A great week spent with friends and family
-Photo by Shon Couch-
Black-necked Stilt Western Grebe
Black-necked Stilt
-Photo by Tim W Moore-
Western Grebe
-Photo by Tim W Moore-
Osprey Roosevelt Bull Elks
Osprey fledgling
-Photo by Tim W Moore-
Roosevelt Bull Elks
-Photo by Tim W Moore-
White Fronted Geese Rainbow
Greater White Fronted Geese
-Photo by Tim W Moore-
18 inch rainbow caught on a size 18 parachute adams fly
-Photo by Dervin James-
Spotted Owls Spotted Owl
Female (left) and male (right) northern spotted owls
-Photo by Tiffany Roddy-
A male northern looks back
-Photo by Tiffany Roddy-
Spotted Owl Ruffed Grouse
First glimpse of a male northern spotted owl
-Photo by Tiffany Roddy-
Grouse Whisperer
-Photo by James Ward-
Blacktail Elk
Brianna Smith, 19, Shot this beautiful Blacktail in the Scappoose unit.
-Photo by Tim Smith-
Live “speed bumps
-Photo by James Ward-
Mule Deer Hunt Mule Deer Hunt

My Little Brother's First Buck 5x4
-Photo by Uriah Kuehl-

November 2015
Bull elk

Elk- First Bull. Mentored Youth Program
-Photo by Nathan Goodrich-

Buck Blacktail
Gotta love bucks in rut!
-Photo by Dawna Laetzsch-
Venison for Dinner!
-Photo by Dawna Laetzsch-
antelope Blacktail
P&Y antelope taken with Archery gear in September 2015
-Photo by Rob Barrett-
P&Y antelope taken with Archery gear in September 2015
-Photo by Craig Shelton-
Mule Deer Deer Hunt
Timmy Freadman with a nice buck.
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
Another great deer hunt for the kids at Bear Creek Ranch.
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
October 2015
Deer Hunt Deer Hunt

Hayden, 14, got this on an Eagle Cap (Keating) hunt this year. He's pretty proud.
-Photo by Shane Johnson-

Deer hunt
Lindsay with her first ever deer!
-Photo by Devin McDiarmid-
Deer hunt Bull Elk
17 year old gets her first mule deer.
-Photo by Mert Hallaran-
Thank you US Forest Service; Public Land. Practice equals clean and accurate shot. 2015 Bull Elk -Photo by Chace Arnold-
Deer hunt Bull Elk

Mule deer buck taken opening morning of the 2015 rifle season in Wallowa County.
-Photo by Matthew Snyder-

Thank you US Forest Service; Public Land. Practice equals clean and accurate shot. 2015 Bull Elk -Photo by Chace Arnold-
September 2015
Elk Hunt Archery Hunt
Thanks ODFW for the mentor youth program! Hunter McDonald.
-Photo by Eric McDonald-
Oregon mentor youth, Riley, is 12 years old his first archery Elk.
-Photo by Eric McDonald-
Antelope Hunt
Molly Stadeli, 15, Gerber Reservoir Youth Antelope. Thanks ODFW for great youth opportunities!
-Photo by Dan Stadeli-
Bow Hunt Elk Hunt
High country elk.
-Photo by Daniel Jacobson-
Rachel Lueptow's first archery kill; August 2015
-Photo by Wesley Lueptow-
Crane Prarie Jack Chinook
Double Rainbow! Fishing Crane Prairie Reservoir.
-Photo by Christian Howarth-
Noah caught his first Chinook and reeled it in all by himself!
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Youth Hunt black-tailed deer
My son, Zeke, with his first elk - 100 yard shot.
-Photo by Jesse Morrison-
Harvested this buck the last Saturday of the 2014 rifle season.
-Photo by Michael Schmidt-
June, July, August 2015
Elk in Velvet Elk Youth Hunt
Elk in velvet, Warrenton Oregon
-Photo by Sue Bandeen-
Timmy's first elk taken opening day of the Heppner youth hunt
-Photo by Wesley Freadman-
Bear Hunting Fishing
Kid's first bear. Taken in the McKenzie Unit, Aug. 1, 2015
-Photo by Justin Arient-
Fall Steelhead, Grand Ronde River
-Photo by Paul Johnson-
Brown Trout Crabbing
Lily with her first brown trout caught on the Owyhee River.
-Photo by Zach Funkhouser-
Crab Tonight!
-Photo by Thomas Fisk-
Skunk Family Great Egret
Family field trip
-Photo by Thomas Fisk-
Great Egret at Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area
-Photo by Maxine Wyatt-
Bear Hunting Bird Hunting

Molly, 15, with a black bear she took in the final week of SW Oregon's Spring Bear Season. She dropped the bear with one shot from 385 yards.
-Photo by Dan Stadeli-

Beautiful day for a bird hunt with her best friend. Bird hunting in the Blue Mountains
-Photo by Joan Waldron-
Spotted Fawn
Deer fawn, keeping cool
-Photo by Blaine Fanning-
May 2015
Salmon Fishing Osprey
Fishing in Troy, Oregon
-Photo by Chance Arnold-
Osprey Return
-Photo by Blaine Fanning-
Chinook Gray Owl
Dad and I with our daily limit of Coho on the Coos
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Gray Owl
-Photo by Michelle Sweem-
Chinook Crabbing
Never too early to learn
-Photo by Wade Campbell-
Working for that crab dinner.
-Photo by Patti Barry-
Lake Lytle
Anglers enjoying the waters and dock at Lake Lytle
-Photo by Ron Rehn-
April 2015
Turkey Hunt Lost Lake
Family hunting
-Photo by Colton Haag-
Henry at Lost Lake
-Photo by Jim Mason-
Turkey Hunting Cooper Creek Trout
Bearded Hen 8 1/2 inch beard
-Photo by Colton Haag-
Katherine's first Trophy Trout in Grandpa's boat.
-Photo by Nathan Jones-
Turkey Hunt Grande Ronde Steelhead
Chenelle's first turkey 2015
-Photo by Travis Hale-
February 2015 Grande Ronde steelhead
-Photo by Justin Spring-
Opening Weekend Turkey Hunt
Grady Phelan on opening weekend 2015
-Photo by Travis Hale-
1st Turkey in his 1st turkey hunt for Grady Phelan
-Photo by Tom Phelan-
February 2015
Fishing Bighorn
An altered landscape, an age old passion. Booth Lake, Mt. Jefferson Wilderness.
-Photo by Jonathan Kurtz-
30 years to the day after her grandfather’s rocky mtn bighorn.
-Photo by Jeffery Daniel Garcia-
Deer Antelope
Kids first deer
-Photo by Justin Arient

This Antelope Buck was taken on August 16, 2014 near Gerber Reservoir by Beau Moody.
-Photo by Michael Grider-

Clamming Clamming
Enjoy your beaches, clamming in Astoria
-Photo by Paul Ingraham-
Evening Delight! Clamming in Astoria
-Photo by Paul Ingraham-
Snow Geese Summer Steelhead
Snow Geese on the way North.
-Photo by Ivan Bork-
Mark Heney, Summer Steelhead on the South Santiam River.
-Photo by Ron Donovan-
Elk Crater Lake Trout
First Elk, Youth Cow Elk Hunt 2014
-Photo by Brett Thomas-
Andrew Coultas holding his 17.5 Inch rainbow trout he caught from Crater Lake in September 2014. It was the only fish we caught that day. -Photo by Andrew Coultas-
Mentored Youth Daniel Jacobson
My son's first deer
-Photo by Daniel Jacobson-
High country bull
-Photo by Daniel Jacobson-
Trenton Hill Eurasian  Wigeon
Trenton Hills first buck at 11 years old (Youth Mentor)
-Photo by Trenton Hill-
Once in a life time!
-Photo by Tonya Van Dyke-
January 2015
Crawdad Winter Steelhead
River Walgamott learned the joys of crawdadding, including which end of the crustacean to hold, during a summer 2014 campout along the banks of the south fork of Silver Creek, in the famed Oregon state park. -Photo by Andy Walgamott- Released immediately, this fish continued her spawn.
-Photo by Wes Neistrath
Antelope Chum
Sally Aldrich with her 2014 Antelope taken in the South Sumpter Unit.
-Photo by Randy Aldrich
Atreyu's chumzilla. with a little help from dad.
-Photo by Calin Trout-
Duck Hunting Scouting
-A great day in the blind.
-Photo by Eric Travis Lee-
Jeremy Darst scouting for black tail deer in the Alsea Unit.
-Photo by Doug Darst-
Black Tail Bull Elk
After completing hunter education, my son harvested his first buck. He made a great 120 yard shot on this 4x4, and the buck only ran 30 yards. Extremely proud of my son!
-Photo by Toby Anderson-
My fate with chance had come to an end that day.
Words can’t explain that hunters moment. Simply put Bitter sweet "long live the Elk".
-Photo by Trever Niestrath-
bighorn bighorn
Tanners Hunt of a Lifetime
-Photo by Jeremy Nauta-

Rocky Mt Bighorn Sheep taken in the Lookout Mountain Unit
-Photo by Jeremy Nauta-


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