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Minam Pack Timeline of Events

Minam Pack Area of Known Wolf Activity map


February 25, 2015 – From the 2014 Annual Wolf Report

Minam Pack: The Minam Pack was discovered within the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Minam Unit in June 2012. The pack produced at least three pups that survived to the end of the year and was counted as a breeding pair in 2014. The breeding female (OR20) was GPS-collared in May of 2013 and her data shows the pack using a 352 mi2 area, primarily public lands (89%).


February 25, 2014 – From the 2013 Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Annual Report

The Minam Pack was discovered within the Eagle Cap Wilderness in the Minam Unit in June 2012. The 2012 annual report recorded a year-end number of 5 wolves in the Minam pack. This number was subsequently adjusted to 7 to account for data collected after the 2012 report was published. The pack produced at least 5 pups that survived to the end of the year and was counted as a breeding pair in 2013. The breeding female was GPS-collared in May and her data shows the pack using a 394 sq. mi area, primarily public lands (92%).


Minam Wolf
Minam Wolf
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May 22, 2013  Minam Pack female collared

On May 16, 2013 ODFW successfully trapped and GPS-collared an adult breeding female of the Minam Pack. The 81-pound wolf was in excellent condition and is the first radio-collared wolf in this pack. The Minam Pack was first discovered in 2012 and early information about the pack suggested that it occurred mostly within the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Managers expect that the GPS collar will allow better understanding of the pack’s use areas. This marks the 20th radio-collared wolf in Oregon.

February 28, 2013  Minam/Upper Minam River determined to be same pack

ODFW has recently added another breeding pair to its 2012 population estimate. Recent winter (February) surveys revealed that the Minam pack has two pups. Also, new genetic evidence from scats collected in January indicate that the Minam and Upper Minam River wolves are from the same pack, hereafter referred to as the Minam Pack. Based on this new information, ODFW is revising its earlier estimate of the Oregon wolf population to six known packs (all breeding pairs) and a total of 46 wolves.

January 16, 2013 – The ending year-2012 wolf count for the Upper Minam River pack is 7. More information.


August 30, 2012 - New Upper Minam River wolf pack

A new wolf pack was discovered by ODFW wolf program staff in northeast Oregon on Aug. 25 when a pair of gray-colored adult wolves with five gray pups was observed in the Upper Minam River drainage. ODFW has received irregular wolf reports in the general larger area over the past several years. ODFW had been monitoring wolf activity in the Lower Minam River area since a photo of a black lactating female was taken on June 4. However, these new wolves appear to be unrelated to the lactating female as they were all gray-colored. The home range of these newly discovered wolves is unknown at this time, but represents the fifth litter of pups documented in 2012.

July 19, 2012 - Eagle Cap Wilderness wolf

In late June, ODFW surveyed an area east of the Minam River in the Eagle Cap Wilderness after a remote camera took an image of a lactating female on June 4. At least three adult wolves were confirmed through tracks, scats and howls but no sign of pups was found. A later visit on July 19 found no wolf sign or remote camera photos, so the wolves are believed to have moved out of this immediate area.

June 27, 2012 - New wolf activity (lactating female) in Eagle Cap Wilderness

On June 25, ODFW received a trail-cam photograph of a lactating female wolf in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. The image was captured on June 4 on a camera placed by a research biologist as part of another wildlife research project. The wolf was not in an area of known wolf activity (e.g. is not believed to be part of a known wolf pack). The photo clearly shows that reproduction has occurred, but the current location and number of wolves in this area is unknown at this time. ODFW will survey the area to try and gather additional information.


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