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Non-lethal measures to minimize wolf-livestock conflict

The following is a list of non-lethal or preventative measures which are intended to help landowners or livestock producers minimize the risk of wolf predation on livestock. It is not intended to be a list of mandatory prescriptions applicable to all producers or situations. Rather it is a guide for appropriate non-lethal measures which are likely to be most effective in different circumstances. 

Download ODFW Non-Lethal Measures to Minimize Wolf-Livestock Conflict (pdf) (Updated 11/20/2015)

If a wolf depredation occurs within an area of known wolf activity (AKWA), the new 2013 rule (OAR 635-110-0010) requires that for the depredation to qualify toward lethal control options a landowner or lawful occupant of the land must have removed, treated or disposed of all intentionally placed or known and reasonably accessible unnatural attractants for a period of at least 7 days prior to the depredation.

In addition, within reasonably protectable situations (such as some calving operations, sheep operations, etc.), at least one non-lethal deterrence method from the list below besides Reducing Attractants must have been used. Once depredation occurs and an area of depredating wolves (ADW) is designated, additional measures may be necessary (see conflict deterrence plan).

There may be other non-lethal deterrents not included on this list which may be reasonably expected to minimize wolf-livestock conflict.  So, ODFW may periodically update this webpage based on new research, information, and experience in working with wolves, landowners, and situations of wolf-livestock conflict.


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