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Area of Known Wolf Activity – Walla Walla Pack

This pack was first discovered in 2011. In 2012 the pack produced 2 pups and was counted as a breeding pair with 6 individuals.  Three yearling Walla Walla pack wolves were monitored by radio-collars during 2012 but all of them dispersed leaving the pack with no radio-collared wolves. The pack also uses a small area of Washington.  Updated 7/18/2013

Walla Walla AKWA

Printable Walla Walla AKWA map (pdf)

Within Areas of Known Wolf Activity certain preventative measures are recommended to minimize wolf-livestock conflicts. Assistance with these proactive non-lethal measures is available from ODFW and the ODA Compensation Plan. Though not required, non-lethal measures are important to minimize wolf-livestock conflicts. Should depredations continue and lethal control become necessary, ODFW’s ability to lethally remove depredating wolves will be dependent on the extent that non-lethal measures have been used.

Previous Walla Walla AKWA maps (for reference only – see above for current map)
      • 7/8/2013 (pdf)

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